“I contacted Paige after hearing her speak at an IABC chapter meeting, where she discussed the value of networking and business collaboration. As a hard-working, driven communicator, I mistakenly believed I didn’t have time to regularly meet with peers and develop long-term relationships. What I didn’t realize is that doing so makes me a stronger, more well-rounded communicator. My company and co-workers benefit from new ideas with proven results in the field, and I benefit from a steady resource of professionals eager to share what works. All things we know in our hearts, but Paige shines a light on the Why. I wholeheartedly recommend Paige to anyone who loves what they do and wants only to get better.”

-Mimi, Director, Marketing & Communications

“Paige’s ideas, connections and introductions ensured my success. She provided solid counsel and continuous support throughout. She stayed so close, offering tangible thoughts and advice. It kept me motivated, confident and progressing easily.”

-Melisa, Branch Manager

“I was extremely impressed with Paige’s technical abilities in presenting. Especially in her passion and level of obvious knowledge and expertise pertaining to change and change management. I highly recommend Paige as a plenary speaker, worship trainer and ask a consultant or coach in the area of organization development and change management.”

-Gary Hedges, CEO Hedges & Associates.

“I began working with Paige after deciding to end my two-year sabbatical and enter back into the professional working world. Because of a two-year employment gap, I had concerns about being considered a “worthy” candidate by employers. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a career change. Not only did she help me craft my story –positioning my time off in a positive light, she validated my decisions through personal assessments and helped overcome anticipated roadblocks. From the start, she was focused on my success and always kept my vision at the center of our conversations. I have since found a job in which I think I can grow and thrive. I highly recommend Paige to anyone who is going through a transition in their professional life.”

-Amy J, Communications Executive

“I was so pleased with my refreshed resume. The process was simple, easy and well worth the investment. Paige offered suggestions and recommendations beyond the parameters of our initial engagement too.”

-Chuck, Vice President Revenue Recovery

“Paige is a great catalyst for motivation and action. With my work and travel schedule it was too easy to push this week’s goals into next week. Working with Paige was a high-return investment that kept me motivated and focused on purposeful execution. Paige’s style balances client engagement with no-nonsense accountability. Much of our work was virtual, with periodic in person sessions to dive deep on particular topics – Paige was flexible throughout and made it easy to accommodate my hectic life.”

-Dennis, VP Operations and Interim COO

“It was both heart-warming and pivotal to have Paige’s support. My wife and I hired her as we were both embarking on career changes during major life events that happened suddenly. She has such a vast network and was able to make several pivotal introductions. Paige is extremely creative, caring, responsive and was a valuable accountability partner. I can’t stress enough that she more than exceeded our expectations!”

-Kyle, SVP Product Strategy

“I approached Paige to speak at our TN SHRM Strategic Leadership Conference last year. She was absolutely phenomenal for a few reasons. First, her presentation skills are one of preparation and knowledge. The passion for her topic was one of the many powerful components throughout the presentation.

Paige displayed extreme control over the room that also allowed for engagement on many different levels. She was very entertaining and was able to put the room at ease even though it was a very large crowd in a relatively small space. That attributes to her flexible style.

I have been teaching at the university level for 15 years, training and development for organizations for 20 years and strategic planning for 25 years so when I witnessed Paige for the first time, I was impressed with her presentation skills, her credibility and her unconscious confidence.”

-Stacy Adams, Director of Human Resources, Ghertner