Growth and Development

From attraction to separation, Paige will help you tackle your toughest people challenges and creatively develop plans to solve them.

Through a network of partners and depth of experiences in small, mid-size and large corporations, Paige brings a depth of external expertise and unique insight. Paige is your trusted advisor and advocate.

Talent Acquisition

Are you looking to re-imagine your candidate experience?  Do your want to streamline for more efficiency?  Would you like scorecards and metrics for continuous improvement and to ensure you’re getting the ROI you desire?  After an early career consulting with companies to improve time, cost and quality, Paige led Talent Acquisition for two large Nashville employers.  Today she provides that experience and insight to help companies design Talent Acquisition systems that reduce time to fill, improve candidate experience and exceed hiring manager expectations.

Talent Strategy

Starting with your firm’s business strategy, assessing the competitive environment and leveraging your organizational competencies, Paige helps companies develop talent strategies to accelerate business objectives. A clear talent strategy empowers Human Resources and line leaders to focus on those key initiatives and people that will ensure your organization thrives.

Key Talent Identification

From a network and clientele spanning 20+ years in Nashville, Paige designs search profiles, search strategies and can often make the key introduction. With an early career in staffing and leading Talent Acquisition for two premier Nashville employers, Paige brings significant expertise and a keen eye for talent.

High Potential Development

Paige makes seemingly arduous and complex development become, simple and easy. By understanding an organization’s development goals and targeting the right team members, she helps companies accelerate their future leaders. This is a customized process incorporating your business strategy and core values.

Culture and Engagement

Does your organization have an easy way to talk about your culture? Is it embedded in hiring, onboarding, development and performance management processes? Paige helps companies leverage their unique culture to create brand advocates, realize the future vision for the organization and thereby improve engagement to retain the most important assets ̶- their people.

Change Consulting

From designing leadership development strategies to creating action plans for implementation, Paige has helped organizations change where they need it most. Paige designs development assignments, teaches leaders how to create change agendas and equips leaders with the knowledge, skills and abilities to inspire their teams through times of change.

Team Coaching

Targeting mid-senior level leaders, Paige provides 1:1 coaching for cohorts of 4-8 individuals. Packages typically include a launch workshop to create the right team performance expectations and lay the groundwork for commitments to real change. A culmination session concludes the engagement with future goals identified to ensure the new behaviors stick!