Executive Coaching

Whether one of your executives is seeking to strengthen new professional muscles, achieve more collaboration with peers, overcome mental roadblocks or prepare for the next level of leadership, Paige’s expertise will coach them through it.

Paige’s skill and passion is coaching executives who are contemplating or preparing for a significant role change, those in transition and those assuming new and complex responsibilities. Her approach centers on their vision and the organization’s objectives. Paige will help them leverage their strengths and overcome obstacles as they develop an actionable plan to create their best experience yet.

“Paige is a Catalyst for Change! I have worked with Paige on several occasions over a 12 year period as a Client, Vendor Partner and now Coach. In every instance, Paige demonstrates her Leadership qualities related to change in the following ways: Personal Development, Team Oriented Goals and Organizational Success. This is accomplished through an emphasis on listening and compassion in an effort to help you as an individual or your organization get to the root cause of your need for change.

Paige is not a leader because of position or title but because you genuinely like her, you believe in who she is, you see her success, you know she cares deeply and you know you want to work with her. If you are a leader and no one is following you, then you are just on a walk. Paige is never alone and always on a journey for continual improvement.”

-W. Stacy Rawls, former Vice President Global Production, Lightning Source

Senior Leadership

These engagements are specifically designed for executives with significant organizational responsibility, particularly in high growth or transformation environments. Through gathering stakeholder input, analyzing assessments and providing ongoing one-to-one coaching, individual leadership performance is enhanced and business results improve. Typically delivered as 6-12 month engagements.

New Executive Assimilation

Short-term, targeted support for senior leaders assuming new roles or for those new to the organization. These assimilation sessions aid executives as they integrate, connect with a new leadership team and build trust. Trust is the single most important factor to creating effective, high performing teams. Achieve high performance earlier by ensuring new executives connect quickly and gain commitment for their vision.

Future Leaders

For leaders aspiring to even higher levels of performance and broader organizational contributions. Invest early in the future leaders of your organization by helping them build their emotional intelligence, become aware of possible career limiters and understand the impact they have on others. Typically delivered as 3-6 month group coaching engagements.